Quotation Process

I generally like to be on-site to quote a stump grinding job, but can also provide a quote from pictures.  The factors that go into the cost of grinding include the size of the stump, how big the crown of the ground is, the type of wood, the number of surface roots, the location of the stump and the number of stumps.

After Approval of Quotation

The next step, and maybe the most important, is having the yard marked by Diggers Hotline. This protects both the customer and me from an unnecessary “event”. This process normally takes three full business days and is a free service. Stump Grinding by Mike, LLC will put in the request.

After the Work is Scheduled 

When we agree on a date the work will be completed, I will arrive at the location to grind the stump(s). My machine is a Rayco RG55R. It has eight wheels and although it weighs 3,000 pounds, it is very friendly to the turf because the weight is dispersed over the eight wheels. I usually grind the stump approximately 6-8” below the surface so an adequate amount of topsoil can be used to plant grass. I will grind the surrounding area to remove the crown around the stump so there is a flat surface to the landscape. All of the chips will be pushed back to the stump area, and I will blow as much of the chips that are in the lawn back into the pile. If I’m grinding close to a house or something else that may get damaged by flying chips, I will use a debris guard which is essentially a barrier that is used to contain the chips. I usually like the customer to be home so I can ensure the job meets their satisfaction.

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